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15:26 UK time, Thursday, 24 November 2011

A newspaper cropped a photo of Sienna Miller to exclude the child she was playing with so that she looked drunk. May we see the full photo of drunk girl as I am sure we will see children running away to hide (whilst she counts to 10) and a paparazzi planting a champagne glass next to her.
Jo, London, UK

Nominative. Determination. Overload.
Al, Wellington NZ

Ooh! I know there's a nominative determinism bad haircut joke here somewhere, but I just can't.
John Marsh, Washington DC, USA

Re: BBC cat. I hereby request that you use the cat every time there is a slow news day.
Samuel Draper @BBC News Magazine

Re: cat in the office. Lots of empty chairs, was it lunchtime or had you all popped out for a ciggy?
Vicky, EastLondon

Marina (Wednesday's Letters) "I gym 3 times." Seriously! Gym is now a verb. When did that happen? I can't keep up. I'll get my track suit jacket.
Liam, Northern Ireland

Most of the links in Wednesday's letters connect to your Facebook page. YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE?!!! Why have you never told me? Surely you would want me as a friend - a real friend who can view the wild party photos, not a measly acquaintance who can only view the boring family and pet pictures. Let me know what your password is and I'll upload the video from last year's Christmas party. Did we ever find out what happened to that cat?
Richard Martin, Doncaster, UK

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