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15:26 UK time, Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Re: Would an 80mph limit make pile-ups worse? It's people on your bumper flashing their lights and overtaking on the hard shoulder that cause trouble. Intimidation. Just drove through Germany and there are Autobahn stretches without speed limit, everyone drives fast and if they don't want to, they get out of the way. But adrenaline filled people exist everywhere and they are the ones who will kill themselves and others on the road, seen it happen and it's a haunting sight.
Eniko Kontesveller @BBC New Magazine

All drivers make mistakes, but doing it faster makes more dangerous mistakes.
Niall Matthews @BBC New Magazine

Regarding the whole issue of motorway speed limits, the most important thing to do isn't to raise the maximum speed limit but to raise the minimum one. Large differences in speed cause accidents when somebody takes evasive action when they suddenly realise they are catching the car in front a lot faster than they expected.
Andy Taylor, Southampton, UK

Many drivers fail to recognise, or are unwilling to accept, that what other people does influences what you do, or at least it should. Loud music, too much instrumentation, satnavs, dvds in the car all make it like a sitting room on wheels - drivers don't realise the risks they're running.
Chris Martin @BBC New Magazine

It says the safety adviser has been suspended while an investigation takes place. Will this be suspended underneath his ladder with his safety harness?
Mark, Southampton

Yes, we KNOW petrol and diesel cost a lot. So stop wasting it for photos!
Fee Lock, Hastings, East Sussex

Has the diver broken their toes? Or did Anthea Hamilton turn a reference picture of a ballet dancer upside down and think "that'll do" forgetting that divers are not pressing their feet against the ceiling?
Andrew Collier, Cambridge

Anon, Auckland, NZ (Monday's Letters), you may have said it - but I notice you weren't willing to put your name to it!
Jay, Port Macquarie, Oz

Anon (Monday's Letters), a recent rugby victory still going to your head is it?!
Ross, London

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