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13:35 UK time, Friday, 18 November 2011

Re: your story on the world's lightest material, your correspondent writes, "The substance is made out of tiny hollow metallic tubes". Is it possible to have tubes that aren't hollow?
John Thompson, Kirkby Lonsdale

Nadja, Virginia (Thursday letters), here in east London we don't all know what a reuben sandwich is, actually. I'm having a diet toast open sandwich for my lunch today. 30% fewer calories if you leave off the top slice of bread, Scandinavian-style.
Vicky, east London

Richard (Thursday letters), Did you know that the biggest pencil in the world is held at The Pencil Museum in the Lake District? The museum itself is only rivalled for wild excitement by The Dog-Collar Museum at Leeds castle.
Susan, Newcastle

Looking at the Eurozone debt web, if the UK owes Ireland about £100bn and Ireland owes the UK about £100bn, why don't those two amounts just cancel out and reduce the balance of debt for each country?
Ed Loach, Clacton, UK

Plastic banknotes may also have a disadvantage in ATM use; the article doesn't specify how thick they are in comparison to a paper note; but if they are slippery for hand counting will it be the same for a machine?
K Morrison, Lowestoft

Dear MM, I was led to believe that if you mentioned retrieving some sort of outer garment at the end of your letter it would be published - it's not true. I'm hedging my bets, I'll get my gardening coat.
Kevin, Leeds

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