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Paper Monitor

08:58 UK time, Thursday, 24 November 2011

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Paper Monitor loves surveys - they explain so much about life.

For instance, why can't some children read? Because their parents work evening or night shifts, the Daily Express says citing new research. Apparently a mother working at night could lead to lower reading scores, and a dad working at night could be related to lower maths scores.

Research nugget of the day can be found in the Daily Mail. One in four of us, it seems, spend longer online than sleeping. Due to the huge chunk of time we spend plugged in, logged on, tuning out, some 51% of us suffer from "e-anziety" if we can't check emails or Facebook pages.

Over to The Daily Telegraph for more serious matters - news that women's pay will overtake men's within a decade if trends continue. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, women's earnings increased faster than men's in the past year.

And if that news hasn't hit men hard enough, this might - the Daily Mail points out that a new study reveals Britain has the fattest men in Europe. Oh dear.

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