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10:40 UK time, Monday, 14 November 2011

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What's happened to just turning up at an event, waving at the fans, posing for a few photographs and walking in. On your own two feet. No one helping you. It seems this a bit passe these days.

The latest famous person to decide the regular way of entering a building just isn't good enough is Debbie Harry. Performing at a gala at the Museum of Contemporary art In LA this weekend, she arrived dressed up as a corpse. The Daily Mirror has a picture of her lying on a mortuary table, covered with a plastic sheet.

A bit Heidi Klum you might be thinking. Only the other week the model dressed up as a body with its skin ripped off for her annual Halloween party, arriving on a hospital trolley and being pushed by two men dressed as blood-splattered doctors.

But Ms Harry ups her game by being pushed into the venue by four semi-naked men. She also finished her performance by cutting a huge life-sized cake of her naked self - wrenching out the sponge heart of course - and dishing out slices for the guests to eat. Like a sort of deranged Jane Asher or Martha Stewart. While attention grabbing, it's a cake that might not work so well at kids' party.

Talking of making an entrance, Lady Gaga's peformed on the X Factor this weekend and arrived at the studio wearing a white silk dress, string of pearls and white gloves. All uncharacteristcially demure so far. But forget the handbag, she was holding a china cup and saucer. No tea in it - or anything else. Probably because you can't fit keys, a purse and a lipstick into a tea cup. She's just holding it. Like you do.

But according to the Sun, after contestant Kitty Brucknell was booted off the show the singer rushed on stage to comfort her. She then took her back to her dressing room for a cup of tea and some career advice.

See, there is some reasoning behind her quirky outfit choices. The china cup and saucer weren't just a bizarre accessory, there was some practical use to them. Maybe she hosted a barbecue in her dressing room for all the losers after wearing her meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards last year.

The show was in LA after all, so she would have had the weather for it.

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