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13:10 UK time, Thursday, 10 November 2011

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It's a bad day in the papers for sports administrators.

They never have the best time of it, admittedly. Whether it was Will Carling describing the RFU committee as "57 old farts" or Sepp Blatter being lambasted for suggesting female footballers should wear more "feminine clothes", players, fans and particularly the newspapers are less than sympathetic.

Today the big story is Fifa's partial backing down over England's desire to wear poppies embroidered on their shirts during Saturday's friendly with Spain.

For those who haven't been following this closely Fifa bans "political" symbols on kits and, among others, Prince William has pointed out that the poppy is not a political symbol.

Fifa have now decided they can allow the poppy, but only on the black armbands England players were going to wear anyway.

The Daily Mail carries a strip on its front, but the Sun splashes on it, as does the Daily Mirror.

In the Daily Telegraph, the celebrated Henry Winter writes a rather nuanced piece effectively suggesting Fifa have done the right thing.

Paper Monitor doesn't totally understand the outcome. If Fifa are still not allowing the poppy on the shirts, they must still be maintaining it is a political symbol. If it is allowed on black armbands then that must surely mean political symbols are now allowed, but only on armbands.

Anyway, that's not the only sports administrator story in town.

The papers are going big with the London 2012 advert that airbrushes out HMS Belfast from a shot of the Thames.

The 2012 people have put it down to "a simple mistake in the advertising production process". Paper Monitor obviously can't judge whether that's true or not, but it can say this: There is many a slip 'twixt Photoshop and lip.

The Sun headlines its yarn: "Scourge of the Nazis sunk... by Olympics idiot and Photoshop".

It would make a better story if it was all deliberate - done for reasons of political correctness - but it seems everybody is accepting it was accidental.

And Paper Monitor can only express disappointment that a Photoship-type pun was not attempted. The best the Sun could do was "Photoshock".

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