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15:06 UK time, Monday, 31 October 2011

Stephen Tomkins comments that the Christian Church has come a long way from its radical origins, but he appears to be lumping all Christians together in this. There are still many radical Christians out here for whom the people are the church, not the building, and who do not like the attitude of the clergy of St Paul's, worrying about how much they are loosing in income, if the reporters are to be believed. I applaud what the protesters are doing and feel that the clergy of Paul's should be doing more to support them.
Helen Cameron, Kent

Should shipwrecks be left in peace? Absolutely, the impact of releasing potentially harmful stuff otherwise dormant far outweighs the curiosity/research factor, in my opinion.
Marcia Milne @BBC News Magazine

The 80lb cod caught of Norway, which equates to 135 fish and chip suppers, will, I take it, go down on the list of Magazine Monitor Measurements along with the London Bus, Wales, Olympic swimming pools, marathons and various tall buildings. Is there anything I've missed?
Ross, London

So "Coldplay tried hypnosis while recording new album" (10 things). I don't imagine they had to look too far to find something that helped them drift out of consciousness.
Michael, Edinburgh, UK

You ask: "How will the Grand Prix change India?". To ask the question is to show complete ignorance of the country, the answer will be "not at all". A billion or more people won't know it's happening. In such a vast and varied land, the F1 GP is less than a drop in an ocean.
Faustino, Brisbane, Australia

Has the Senator who wants to make the polar bear the new national emblem of Canada actually asked the bears if they want the job? I thought they were still happy working for the manufacturers of a see-through mint.
Mark, Reading, UK

Does equality in throne succession involve leaving the seat up or down? These things need to be made clear.
Paul Dunning, Chelmsford

You can tell anyone in favour of moving clocks forward an hour permanently have never suffered from depression. It's a good job I have Magazine Monitor to brighten my dark mornings on the way to work!
Gary Bullock, Coventry

Monitor note: You're too kind Gary.

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