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15:30 UK time, Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm not too worried about whether Oliver Letwin put anything confidential in a bin in a public park (news, today, everywhere). I'm more concerned whether he's going to get a fine for misuse of a litter bin.
Ray Lashley, Colchester, UK

Why doesn't Britain market Blackpool to foreign tourists? Because its about as appealing as Sierra Leone!
Jake Williams @BBC News Magazine

Why doesn't Britain market Blackpool to foreign tourists? Try and trick them you mean?
Kevin Symonds @BBC News Magazine

I do think Blackpool has been somewhat under marketed and under featured. It is my favourite British town and I have always wanted to have a walk over the "walk of faith".
Hafizi Hafiz @BBC News Magazine

"There's only one way to settle this, as Harry Hill would say"? No he wouldn't. He'd say "There's only one way to find out". My Pedants Anonymous card is in my back pocket, thanks.
Frederic Heath-Renn, London, UK

Chookgate (Thurday's Letters), I failed the citizenship test on the Guardian website by one question. Then again, I've only spent 10 days of my life in the UK. Maybe if I go back for another 5 or so I'll be British enough to pass.
Khris, Winnipeg, Canada

Marcus (Thurday's Letters), I didn't think there were any men like you left! Maybe I won't give up on finding my ideal man!
Lisa, Portsmouth

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