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Your Letters

14:52 UK time, Friday, 7 October 2011

Sorry, but in this story the phrase "Caught on camera" is a bit steep when next to "a little digital processing was required". That is not caught on camera, that is CGI.
Adrian, London, UK

Oh no! Did anyone else read this headline: "UK banks hit by Moody's downgrade" and assume the England rugby squad were causing mayhem on a whole new level?
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Does this "Quadruple rainbow caught on film for the first time" have four pots of gold?
Andrew, Malvern, UK

There is, of course, a seventh way never to get lost in a city. I always look to see where the sun is to get a sense of direction. But then I live in Australia, not in cloudy Europe. I'll get my sunglasses and hat.
Mary, Sydney, Australia

If you're lost in a city why would you follow the flow of people when you could just ask one of them for directions?
Paula, Canterbury

Perhaps Vin de Loue (Thursday's Letters) should visit the US, where we are very familiar with curry. Presumably the reference to "world's hottest chili" refers to the chili pepper or chili powder that is an ingredient in curry and makes it hot.
Jenny, Chicago

Vin de Loue (Thursday's Letters) - one cannot force nominative determinism.
Rusty, Montreal, Canada

No, I'm drunk girl and so is my wife.
Tim Granger, Cambridge

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