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17:15 UK time, Monday, 3 October 2011

I was recently travelling through a European airport when I noticed two signs at adjacent passport control desks; one read "EU Passports Only" and the other "All Passports". Surely the latter should have read "Any Passport"? My ensuing query appeared to be lost on the officer behind the desk, one can only conclude he is not a Monitorite.
Graeme Dixon, Guildford, Surrey UK

Thanks for yet another picture of a fat man wearing not enough clothes. Every time you do this (there was at least one last week), I can't face food for the rest of the day, and lose a pound or so.
John Bratby, Southampton

Wow, the world would not be complete without a "humming Oyster Toadfish".
Susan, Newcastle

So, the country that is famous for pastries, bacon and butter introduces a tax on fat? I can understand why the Danes are complaining!
Basil Long, Nottingham

Bend your knees and not your back!
Henri, Sidcup

A German colleague of my brother pronuounced Loughborough as "Low-ger-ber-ow-ger". Perfectly logical and totally wrong!
John K, Devon

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