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14:59 UK time, Friday, 28 October 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

ABC News headline
A popular ABC news videos reports on their exclusive interview with the disgraced Wall Street financier Bernie Madoff. In prison for running a ponzi scheme, he said to in the interview that he was happier in jail. "I feel safer here than outside," he said.

He went on to explain "I know I will die in prison but I lived the last twenty years of my life in fear. Now I have no fear because I have no control of my own life."

Guardian headline
"You sell a couple million albums" starts a popular Guardian article. "You're adored. Then 90% of your fanbase deserts you" continues its investigation into "band collapse syndrome". But the investigation is a bit difficult - no-one wants to admit to not doing too well. Then an anonymous A and R man gives the insight that it feels... well... a bit rubbish when people stop buying your records. Eventually David Gray agrees to speak, saying "When the festivals and the champagne and the private planes suddenly stop, when reality kicks in again, the shock is numbing".

Times headline
A well read Times article warns of a new era of violence between biker gangs. It comes as three bikers have been killed. The Times says the feud is between Hell's Angels and another group called the Vagos last year. The root of the conflict is reportedly which gang would be allowed to hang out at the Starbucks in downtown Santa Cruz.

New York Times headline
The advice on how much you should praise your child seems to change from week to week. A popular New York Times article says the latest research suggests too much praise can be harmful. It explains that praise is addictive, which would be fine if the real world praised you for getting dressed in the morning. But what if you happen to be really proud of your child's ability to get dressed? The article's subtle solution is from a friend of the author's: "when their daughter gets herself dressed and looks for praise, her mom uses an encouraging tone but careful words. 'You got yourself dressed!'"

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