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14:22 UK time, Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

Readers are attracted to stories of a litigious nature today.


Guardian headline

 First up, the Guardian says an American cinema goer is suing the makers of the film Drive for a misleading trailer. The piece points out that nowadays complaints about trailers tend to centre around them giving away the whole plot of the film. But this one says the trailer makes it looks like an action film when it is nothing of the sort, and, despite its name, has very little driving.


The second legal story is more along the lines of resisting "elf 'n' safety". Telegraph readers are flocking to a story about a new EU directive around toy safety. It deems blowing up a balloon too dangerous for children under eight-years-old so a safety warning is now needed on the packaging. They refrained from saying "it's blown out of proportion".

Telegraph headline



And the final of the three is the Times' popular story that Finnish lawyers' are warning that eating food too provocatively in public can constitute sexual harassment. Carol Midgley is not impressed, suggesting more concern should be focused on spinach caught in the teeth.

Times headline



Breaking the theme is the Daily Mail's popular story about a new Chinese tower, 18 metres higher than London's new Shard tower. The "how dare they" tone the article takes seems to be because the 74 floor building could accommodate all the 2000 residents of the village it is in. Paid for by the villagers, £31m of the £300m cost is for a solid gold ox.

Daily Mail headline



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