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12:15 UK time, Friday, 7 October 2011

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And so the row rumbles on. The papers are like dogs with bones over this cabinet cat fight, which Paper Monitor pre-empted - sort of. The claws are out again and they are waiting to pounce on every twist and turn.

To recap, it all began at the Conservative party conference when the Home Secretary Theresa May declared that an illegal immigrant could not be deported because he had a pet cat.

This was roundly dismissed by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, who has had several pops at her "laughable and child-like" examples of the Human Rights Act. He issued a statement of regret yesterday for his "colourful language".

The papers have been digging the dirt, with some claiming the home secretary was right, while others saying the cat was only part of the tale.

The Daily Telegraph claims it has uncovered the crime which the cat owner committed - he was apparently cautioned for shoplifting, which is not a deportable offence. The plot thickens.

The paper has even taken the time to construct a time line. While obviously the split in the Tory party over the Human Rights Act is of major importance, the papers are also relishing the opportunity to roll out the feline-related puns. The Sun has gone for "A Paw Show", while the Daily Mirror went with "Oooh Catty!".

But the Sun has the best evidence that the row is rumbling on. While talking to youths in south London yesterday, May was snapped drinking tea from a mug which had a picture of a cat on it. She was also wearing a pair of leopard-print pumps. It doesn't get much more purr-fect.

It is also getting pretty catty on the X Factor. All the tabloids are talking about a "slaughter" on this weekend's live shows, where a quarter of the remaining 16 wannabes will be sent home.

But the "brutal twist" is that the decision will be made by their mentors.

Paper Monitor thinks this is a clear breach of the contestants' human rights and can see a whole new fight occupying the papers next week. Let's just hope one of them has a much-loved pet.

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