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15:24 UK time, Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Re 10 tomatoes (William Canard, Monday letters, and Andrew Rodgers, Tuesday letters). If you copy and paste (computer paste, not tomato paste) the image to Microsoft Word or similar, then expand the image hugely, you can see the tenth tomato behind the second one from the left, on the top row. At this magnification, and if you tilt your head slightly to the right, you can also see a reflection of the moustachioed gentleman (or lady) who took the photo, on the right hand side of the middle fruit of the row above the bottom one. He is wearing white gloves, a black Venetian mask and is standing in front of a large carriage clock, or a small child. Either that, or there is an intruder creeping up behind me as I'm typing this le
Richard Martin, Doncaster, UK

Never mind "le binge drinking", for how long has Michael Fish been the deputy mayor of Lyon? Or is he now known as Michel Poisson?
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

The scientists in this story explain, "an external source of electricity was required in order to power the process". They also tell us how they overcame the problem - "All we need to do is add some fresh water and some salt water and some membranes, and the electrical potential that is there can provide that power." Kudos to the reporter for not dumbing it down, but I wonder if the scientists would seem as clever if they'd just said, "we put a battery in it".
Ray Lashley, Colchester, UK

Never mind the Mirror readers, I didn't know what "twoc" stood for til I read Tuesday's letters and Paper Monitor. Never heard of it.
Kay, London, UK

Twoc has a very different meaning in the nursing and medical communities, that of Trial Without Catheter. Who knew John Travolta kept his in a Mercedes.
Neil, Brighton

By the look of the cover, I think many people buying the 2012 "Nuns Having Fun" calendar are going to be a tad disappointed
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

Legal action? Would it not be cheaper to just change the locks while he's out at work?
Sue, London

Is the Magazine running low on stock photos? Can we Monitorites help? I ask as the picture used to illustrate your piece on Switching Inertia - which relates to utilities - looks more like an A-level student fed up with revising.
Howard, London, UK

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