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16:55 UK time, Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why was Roald Dahl so dark? Writing in a shed?

Ralph, Cumbria

So I don't know much about the Edinburgh tram project, except that its going to cost £775m. I think it costs £15 to get a taxi from the airport to the city centre (the longest distance I think). Hmm... instead of building the tram you could, at this fare, provide about 14,000 free trips by taxi every day for 10 years in Edinburgh.
Tom Webb, Surbiton, UK

Sorry to burst your bubble "MCK" (Wednesday's Letters), but the sin of typing in capitals is equal to or greater than the sin of misplacing an apostrophe. Forget coats, I'll get my Harts' Rules...
Henri, Sidcup

So, the Guardian's Simon Jenkins says "hypermarkets that encircle almost every English city and town, 'doughnutting' their centres with blight". My doughnuts have a rather delightful jam (or occasionally custard) centre which I certainly don't consider to be a blight.
Anon, UK

Clicked on the student loan repayment guide and thought I'd check what my projected salary would be in my field (business and statistics) at my age (32). Out of curiosity I then ran again but changed the gender. I was shocked to discover that by simply changing to male my projected salary increased by over £10k a year. To those who think there is equality between the sexes now - take note!
Angela, Norwich, Norfolk

"Syrup is rather a sticky substance". Article states the bleeding obvious!
K Morrison, Lowestoft

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