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16:01 UK time, Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"All children interviewed said that material goods did not make them happy." I guess they didn't ask my kids. I agree that material goods don't make for happy children, but most children I know think otherwise. At least until said expensive material goods have been purchased!
Henri, Sidcup

Re: Trolling: Who does it and why? Banning anon posts means people avoiding abusive exes and political whistleblowers may be excluded from social networks.
@AngelM16 @BBC_magazine

Honestly, this over-analysis really annoys me. I grew up reading Dahl and still go back to it occasionally. Never for once, have I found his children's books to be dark or dodgy.
MF, Islamabad

OH NO! In yesterday's letter (Tuesday's Letters) I appear to have added an apostrophe without just cause and I know how readers hate poor punctuation. I want reassure everyone that this was just a typographical error and not another sign of the decline of education standards in today's Britain. You can put your coats back.
MCK, Stevenage

You're forgiven, Sarah (Tuesday's Letters). The radio telescopes in question are designed to receive, not transmit, radio signals. And the signals received are so small that the radio free zone is required. I hope my fellow monitorites are also as forgiving!
Roger Pickard, London

Sarah (Tuesday's Letters), you are wrong, I'm afraid. The radio telescopes in question are receivers, not transmitters. The area must be clear of man-made signals (which are the ones the people in question complain of) in order that the telescopes can better pick up the minute signals from space.
Jimmy, Milton Keynes

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