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12:12 UK time, Monday, 19 September 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Don't panic.

Reading the newspapers can sometimes feel like overdosing on panic and unease.

A daily diet of crime, spiralling prices and dangerous social decay can leave even those with the steadiest of nerves desperate for reassurance.

Reassurance that can be found in the self-same papers, if you're prepared to look.

The Daily Express has a full page celebrating 50 years of the BBC's Songs of Praise.

"It belongs to the quiet tapestry of the British Sabbath like a lie-in and a roast dinner and while it may be no more engaging for some than the Sunday bus service, it is, like The Sky At Night and The Archers, part of the nation's broadcasting DNA."

If these cosy comparisons aren't enough to pacify you alone, the pictures of Thora Hird and Cliff Richard surely hit the mark.

And the Daily Telegraph offers the newspaper equivalent of valerian tea - a big photo of the fragrant Mary Archer. Looking extraordinary well for 66, she is pictured taking part in a charity race just a month after announcing that she had won a battle against cancer.

In the unlikely event that your level of stress cannot be treated by these magical mollifiers, then a real panacea awaits.

Yes, it's wall-to-wall Downton Abbey coverage.

The Daily Mail has a massive blurb on the front alerting readers to Jan Moir's full-page review on page three:

"We adore your funny ways, your asparagus forks, your white tie suppers and your amusing but conniving servants."

The Telegraph also gives series two of the ITV costume drama a spot near the masthead. Inside they have a piece trumpeting British televisual exports.

Ahhhhh, time to relax.

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