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Paper Monitor

12:20 UK time, Thursday, 15 September 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Our subject today is cleavage. One set of cleavage in particular - that of Mad Men star Christina Hendricks.

It's worthy of a feature in both the Sun and the Daily Mirror. Great minds think alike.

The Sun has maverick-freelance-at-large Rachel Johnson, under the memorable byline "Editor of The Lady (32E)", writing a piece on Hendricks's epic décolletage.

The headline is also memorable: "Women feel liberated by her... men want to bury their heads in her bosom". It's a celebratory piece.

Over in the Daily Mirror it's a very different story. Amber Morales writes a plaintive cry under the headline: "Oh just put them away, Christina".

The display of said "them" is beginning to "grate" on Ms Morales.

"Once out there they seem to sit like inflated cushions ensuring anyone within a mile radius is overshadowed."

The conclusion is a little spiky, containing the injunction: "Christina just needs to put them away once and for all."

Elsewhere in cleavage-watch, the front page of the Sun has a story about a rugby player, who we shan't name. But we must cite the subheading: "His head in her boobs at dwarf throwing contest."

Paper Monitor believes this group of words may not have come together in the three-century history of British newspapers.

In other news, it would be remiss of us not to mention the Johann Hari row that is rumbling on.

Today, Hari apologises in the Independent for playing fast-and-loose with people's quotes and also committing Wiki-vandalism.

But it's not enough for Toby Young at the Daily Telegraph who parses the apology in a humorous, but fairly savage way.

Whatever the sins, Paper Monitor cannot help but wince.

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