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12:32 UK time, Friday, 2 September 2011

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After months of being spoilt for choice when it comes front page stories, the papers are at a bit of a loss. The First Law of Newspaper Splash Dynamics is in evidence again today, with all of the papers once more leading on something different. Yes, you know what it usually means - a general absence of news.

Only the Times trundles on with Libya, reporting on rebel claims of elections within eight months. Most of the rest have run with various humdrum reports or quotes relating to government or parliament that early September is used to.

The Desmond-owned Star is still splashing on Celebrity Big Brother, possibly keeping the show ratings (semi) respectable through staff viewing figures alone.

Away from the leads though, the Independent deserves praise for amusing innovation from Paper Monitor today, with a "Spot the Difference" contest. It features two pictures of Sarkozy meeting Libya's leaders, but four years apart. Anyone trying to work out if the French PM has grown between photos is looking too hard.

Another delightful piece on their front page reveals that Labour is searching for "commuting Chloe" and "Suburban Simon" to clinch election victory. Time will tell if Ed Miliband will be left ecstatic or embarrassed by this plan to woo voters between London and the M25.

On the whole though, pictures of the Venice Film festival, musings on graduate failings and celebrating a few impressive results for British athletes make for a return to standard September fare.

Paper Monitor suspects that Wapping will explode into action again when Gaddafi is found and/or killed, but will remain on snooze mode until that point.

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