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15:28 UK time, Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I read this article with much interest. A recent check was done at our village cemetery to find that there's space for 50-55 more years. Form an orderly queue, please.
Ross, Billinghay, Lincs.

Re: 20 of your ideas on how to solve graveyard space shortage. No 5. Wouldn't this give a problem to vegetarians?
John Thompson, Kirkby Lonsdale

Re: fluorescent jackets. When an entire school party of several dozen children appeared to watch The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre all wearing fluorescent jackets, that's when I thought the wearing of them was going a bit too far.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK

There are so many hi-viz jackets in Australia that you no longer notice them.
Faustino, Brisbane, Australia

Hey, Paper Monitor - not fair! Grafty Green is the next village along from where I grew up in the middle of lovely Kent (no, we're not calling it The Thames Gateway today). And where did *you* grow up?
Fee Lock, Hastings, East Sussex

So, "there are much better places to start than at the bottom of a box of chocolates.". Yes, at the top perhaps ?
Paul Greggor, London

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