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15:10 UK time, Monday, 15 August 2011

Re: James Bengel (Friday's letters). Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. One says, "I think I've lost an electron." The other says, "Are you sure?" The first replies, "Yes, I'm positive..."
Angus Gafraidh, London, UK

And he drove the fastest milk-float in the West...
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

I saw this headline in Investment Week: Bond stars scrap shorts on treasuries as yields plunge - to quote Lisa Simpson "I know those words but that sentence makes no sense."
Howard, London, UK

Well, there's your own feature idea, Paper Monitor: the drinking of toasts. In/out, up/down, etiquette of etc.
Andrew Guest, London

Re: How to Say: Michele Bachmann - why is it, then, that virtually every reporter/presenter that I have heard on BBC World News in recent days (I am in Asia and tune in regularly), including reporters following Mrs Bachmann's on the campaign trail, invariably -- without exception that I have heard - pronounces it "back-man" (rhymes with Batman)? As you say, her own pronunciation makes it clearly something closer to "bock-man". This is very annoying to your American listeners/viewers, even those (like me) who can't stand the woman!
William Lee, Brooklyn, NY

The water bureau of Oregon emptied all of the water in the reservoir because of one "contamination"? So, it must be safe to assume that all the wild birds in Oregon either wear nappies, use litter trays, or fly upside down?
Ted Rogers, Macclesfield

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