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13:03 UK time, Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Newsprint may not be the most environmentally-friendly medium, but the papers are doing their bit for recycling.

The splash in the Daily Express claims that public sector workers are "raking in lucrative pay rises" despite spending cuts. The sub-heading reads: "Workers still have rises as the rest of us struggle."

Times certainly appear tough at the self-described "world's greatest newspaper". The story was on the front page of the previous day's Daily Telegraph.

The Independent, too, is unafraid to take inspiration from its rivals. It devotes two pages to the difficulties of adapting books for the screen - a subject tackled four days previously in the Telegraph.

One newspaper, however, seems determined to steer as far a course as possible from its rivals.

With most other titles splashing on Libya, the Daily Star (published by Richard Desmond, who also owns Channel 5, broadcaster of Celebrity Big Brother) goes with "BB IN NEW BULLY SHOCK".

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