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Paper Monitor

12:19 UK time, Friday, 19 August 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

It appears that national picture editors are avid readers of Paper Monitor and have taken note. On the hunt for the bevy of fair-headed beauties that usually grace the front pages the day after the A-level results before, it proves to be almost impossible.

Even the Telegraph, the most adoring of the pretty, (preferably public-school educated) blondes has controversially gone for a brunette. Although no doubt, in an effort not to shock its faint-hearted readers, she is hugging a friend who's blonde.

Paper Monitor reckons the Guardian and Independent both thought they'd show themselves to be a step ahead of their more traditional friends on Fleet Street. However, perhaps they should have had a chat first as their chosen images were impressively similar - two black boys, hoodies and all.

But if the Independent really wanted to show its edgy credentials it might have had a word with younger sibling, i, which features a pair of blondes hugging. One may be clad in a hooded top but with its Jack Wills logo, it is about as far from "street" as it's possible to be, unless that street is Chelsea's Kings Road.

No surprise that the Daily Express and Daily Star have both chosen to go not just big but ENORMOUS on the new series of Celebrity Big Brother. It would be tempting to tally how many days the show eclipses all other national and world events in the Desmond press.

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