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14:42 UK time, Friday, 8 July 2011

Oo-er BBC, Mary Whitehouse would never have let you get away with so many pictures of ladybirds doing what ladybirds do best!
Di, The Castleton, North Yorkshire

I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked! Yet another informative article marred by the filth that is insect porn!
Shocked of (Royal) Tunbridge Wells, (Royal) Tunbridge Wells

If you can launch a rocket underwater, why does a bit of rain stop a Shuttle launch?
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

So Julian Assange's book deal has fallen through. Never mind - I think I know of a website which will leak the whole text of it...
Dave, Folkestone, Kent

"I'd have this terrible headache and hallucinations - I did weird things on eggs." Surely this has to be Quote of the Day?
K Morrison, Lowestoft

Nominative determinism at work again - Mr Strong hauls the Bracklinn Falls Bridge into position by hand.
Toby Speight, Lochcarron, Wester Ross

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