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16:58 UK time, Wednesday, 6 July 2011

It's a shame the 3D printer couldn't spell chocolate.
Joe, Rustington, West Sussex, UK

Monitor: Sundry other correspondents also noted this error.

On the other hand, if Rob of London's (Monday letters) anxiety about the water boatman is as well-founded as he fears, it may be that he won't find any gondolas available for a ride!
Ray, Farnham, UK

Andy (Monday letters), would that be "Accusative Determinism"?
Richard, London

I like the new unit of measurement in this article, but I am a bit troubled by the use of the words "first indigenous people" to describe what appear to be new immigrants (and I wonder how long you have to live somewhere to become indigenous?). Wait for the Daily Mail to pick up on the "Immigrants may have caused mass extinction" story.
David, Romford, UK

If you can launch a rocket underwater, why does a bit of rain stop a Shuttle launch?
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

Re your piece on "Bachmann", do you have any views on how "burg" and "berg" should be pronounced, when they occur in German place names. Most English people seem to use the half-way house vowel sound that occurs, for example, in the word "earth". I have just had to endure everyone on 5Live Sport mispronouncing Hamburg (the boxing) and Augsburg (Women's World Cup). It drives me mad... especially as in the past I had to go through the process of learning German - voluntarily.

This lazy habit on the part of the English just leads to confusion. Try searching the BBC's own website for Nuremberg and Nuremburg: one might easily conclude that two major war-crimes trials took place simultaneously in two separate locations.
James Reid, Stockport

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