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16:04 UK time, Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Re: Rifle refusal Royal Navy medic Michael Lyons detained. Whilst the medic's moral standing may be commended, perhaps joining the armed forces was not the most logical career path? I eagerly await the story about the butcher making a stand against eating meat.
Graeme, Guildford, Surrey UK

What is the term for the opposite of nominative determinism? I think the chap in this article is a prime candidate .
Andy Simpson, London

"They believe the underlying cause is inflammation." I believe the cause is somewhere between not touching with a barge-pole and beer-goggles.
Louis Roederer, Crepy, France

Re: Where is Sodor by Trevor Timpson. Trevor has missed a major influence on the Rev WV Awdry, The Longmoor Military Railway. Until it closed in 1970 this closed loop railway system in miniature was used to train British soldiers in the operation of railways. There livery was blue with red piping (ring any bells) and the also had an engine called Gordon.
Google it and all will be revealed.
David Kellock, Manchester

On Made in Britain last night an interviewee stated that the satellites where as wide as a red bus and as long as a football pitch (or it could have been the other way round, I was having my tea at the time) - this is what made Britain great - good old fashioned measurements!
Mel, London

Letchworth "the world's first garden city?" (Monday's Letters) What about Babylon?
Dave, Taunton

MF's letter (Monday's Letters) reminded me of the age old question regarding how far into the new year is it too late to wish someone 'Happy New Year' when seeing them for the first time? I once got HNY'd in late February!
Simon, Colchester, UK

MF (Monday's Letters), well last night on the evening news I heard them described as "young at heart". I'd have said they were still "young", let alone "young at heart", so maybe they've suddenly aged thirty years and no-one's told us. It'd certainly solve the "newly married" problem.
The Baroness, Australia

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