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15:55 UK time, Thursday, 21 July 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

In the current spirit of declaring relationships, a popular Independent article reveals their columnist Julie Burchill used to be friends with the beleaguered former News International boss Rebekah Brooks. Well, they were "briefly friends" in the 90s at least. On a trip to Brighton to visit Burchill, Rebekah went to a fortune teller and ended up "fuming" for being told although she thought she was a career girl, she should settle down instead.

The celebrity interview is full of lies, cries the Times popular article. Your average interview implies the intimacy between journo and star. Instead it is more an agreement between the powerful PR people and the hack about what will not be said. This attempt to lift the lid on the world gets very near to suggesting a kind of writers' strike until celebrities stop their demands. Only, the journalist seems so scared about suggesting such an idea they go under the pseudonym Victoria Smith.

The most-read lists are seeing the rise of a new phrase: the tiger wife. The Daily Mail's popular article lists the characteristics of said tiger wife as being... well, called Wendi Deng and being married to Rupert Murdoch. It claims she "clawed" her way up the social ladder by being ruthlessly ambitious in a manner demonstrated by Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair.

And over at the modern day Vanity Fair they just decided to compare the tiger wife to the trophy wife. In, we assume, a wholly unscientific comparison, the merits of a trophy wife are pitted against the tiger wife for their background, education to what films they watch. While the tiger wife is on first name terms with Warren Buffet, the trophy wife knows serge the hairdresser. You get the idea.

The presumptions about what make a perfect wife continue in the Adeleide's popular Daily Mail article. This time they don't have to be trophy or tiger. They just have to be thinner. The paper quotes research from the University of Tennessee which tracked couples over four years to find that when the wife stayed thinner than her husband the couple were happier. The paper has added their own findings:

"Model Heidi Klum - who has retained her svelte figure - married singer Seal in 2005 and they have repeatedly renewed their vows.
"David Beckham and his ever-slender wife Victoria also show no sign of losing the shine from their union 11 years after the event."

So that's proved then...

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