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14:57 UK time, Monday, 18 July 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

A peculiar story is getting Independent readers clicking on it, most probably because its headline including the words “Model army tears its clothes off”. It refers to a Russian video posted online urging women to strip off in support of the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Presidential elections are coming up next year and the paper suggests Mr Putin may run for them.

However, the story doesn’t appear Russia Today’s most-read list - an even weirder one does: “Depressed ferret escapes circus with ape and parrot in tow”. The questions are endless and not quite answered. How can you tell a ferret is depressed? How does it convince the ape and parrot to come with it?
The depression, so the story goes, is not diagnosed but a presumption by the circus owners who say it is caused by bad weather. The ape was later found hugging a dog but it is hoped the ferret will return once it gets hungry.

On to more serious subjects for New York Times’ readers. The paper finds one recession proof industry in the US seems to be training lawyers. A popular New York Times article says that despite rising prices of courses and the reduced likelihood of getting a job on graduating, law schools are seeing bulging classes. But one law school head has been campaigning for 11 years that it is immoral to charge so much and carry on taking on students who won’t get jobs. Although he’s got nowhere so far, Richard Matasar is standing down from his job at New York Law School, leaving behind him a strange career where he complains about the industry but carries on accepting the students.

Tinnitus is the most common disability experienced by people who have served in the armed forces in the US. That’s what we learn in NPR’s most popular article. The connection to army veterans has led to increased funding for investigating why people hear ringing in their ears. Research suggests that it may not be a problem with the ears but instead to do with a loose connection in the brain instead which they hope could be curable by holding an electromagnet to people's heads, it says.

Guardian readers are reliving The Apprentice UK final through the Guardian’s live blogger Heidi Stephens. She sets out all the characters in pantomime fashion, from Magazine Mike to Evil Claude. Ms Stephens gets increasingly despairing until she crescendos with “Sorry, how have ANY of these idiots ended up on the Apprentice? I wouldn't give them £2.50, let alone 250 GRAND.” But she turns it around by the time the winner is announced with an impromptu “happy dance”, an admission of getting a bit over emotional and the question “Is it possible I might have invested too much in this show?”

Daily Mail readers prefer to do some expensive car spotting. The paper says it is the start of 'The Season', when dozens of wealthy Arabs escape the blistering heat in s for a tour of the most exclusive holiday destinations in Europe. The start of the season involved flying cars, some worth over a million pounds, across to London to start a tour of European cities.

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