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14:19 UK time, Monday, 25 July 2011

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The newspapers have had to make a decision with this morning's editions on whether or not to lead with the aftermath of the Norway killings or the death of Amy Winehouse.

For the "qualities", the Norway massacre has to be the lead story on the front. The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Times leave some room on their fronts for a trail to the Winehouse coverage. The Independent has no sign of Winehouse at all on the front.

The red-tops all lead on Winehouse, and the Sun moves the page 3 girl further into the paper, as is usual when there are really big stories around. It has the first seven pages all about Winehouse.

Two of the most moving items are in the Sun. They have a shot of the singer, aged six, dressed up as Minnie Mouse and looking straight at the camera.

It sums up in a single image why people can care so much about the death of a single person.

The other item is Russell Brand on the subject of addiction and knowing Winehouse. The former addict reveals that he did not properly turn things around until he was 27.

The Daily Mail leads on Norway, and only the Daily Express goes it alone - leading on a pension story.

The main line on Norway is common to all the papers. Just what were the links to extremists in the UK?

On the subject of Norway, there's a fair degree of divergence in the leaders at least. The Times stresses the need for co-operation among Western governments to tackle terrorism. The Sun emphasises the need to keep intelligence agencies well-funded. But the Mail emphasises that the killer may really not have had a network of associates.

And the Independent concludes that it is hard to see how the Norwegian authorities could have done more to prevent the massacre.

The Express's leader writers don't find it worth mentioning at all.

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