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11:28 UK time, Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Joyful juxtaposition is the order of the day today.

One of the most important jobs in newspapers is making sure inappropriate adverts don't appear next to stories - the classic example being an airline advert next to an air crash.

That something like this might happen is understandable. Different people place adverts and stories in the first place.

But when two news stories clash there is really no excuse, and it can easily seem like a bit of schoolboyish mischief.

Take the i paper today. Could it really have been accidental that the headline "Struggle to end the misery of forced marriage" appears directly above the story headlined "Princess Charlene 'tried to flee 3 times'".

Paper Monitor finds its credulity stretched. It's hard not to read about the nuptials of the unlikely Monegasque lothario without thinking of Mrs Merton's famous question to Debbie McGee: "What first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?"

You might argue that the same juxtapositional issues are occurring in the Daily Mail. They have a full page of relationship advice from Amanda Platell to Cheryl Cole over the prospects of her getting back together with Ashley Cole.

A headline on the adjacent pages says "Understand your hound."

In fact, it's an extraordinary factbox on how to interpret your dog's thoughts. Really.

There are space issues in a few of the papers. The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star and Daily Express seem unable to find space on their front pages for the allegation that the News of the World hacked into murdered Milly Dowler's mobile phone.

The Sun does manage to find space for six paragraphs inside, precisely the same amount of space given to a report that Kate Moss and her husband will spend their honeymoon on a yacht owned by Philip Green.

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