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Your Letters

16:01 UK time, Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Australia has regained the ashes. I'll get my whites.
Phil, Guisborough

"Tim Henman and Andy Murray - both came from middle-class backgrounds. Henman was the son of a lawyer who could afford to have a tennis court in the garden." And he still can't win anything!
MK, Stockport

Not quite nominative determinism, but I like the idea of being strung up at a cello concert. Is there a word for that?
Joseph, London

Breaking news! Cat catches mice! Whatever next?
Paul, Ipswich

I'm less worried about mobiles going off during concerts because if you scowl at people they get the message. My fury is directed at those who come back from the interval and EAT THEIR CRISPS!
Fee Lock, Hastings, East Sussex

In response to Jim (Monday's Letters) that depends entirely on whether your mental image involves Kylie Minogue, or, God forbid, John Prescott! Apologies to all of you who were previously in the former camp, but are now in the latter.
Dave, Bristol

Glad to see Anon (Monday's Letters) is keeping our dear friend Nominative Determinism in the news. Who'd have thought that Mr Green would be the editor-in-chief (no less) of Golf International? My only question is, why isn't the initial of his first name "T"?
David, Jerusalem

Wait, what... you are anonymous but you 'out' PC Law! (Monday's Letters) Shocking! In my hometown we have a PC Crook.
Tattooed Mummy, West Sussex

Boredy boredy, bored... come on Monitor, do something - it's certainly turning out to be a very long day.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

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