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14:47 UK time, Thursday, 16 June 2011

"The British eat their way through 50 billion apples each year". I reckon that's about 1000 apples for each person in Britain. I don't eat apples, so can i say a big thankyou to whoever is eating my thousand!
Ed, Wakefield

With reference to today's Quote of the Day, thank goodness the wart was on on his finger and not on his chin. Otherwise, we could be nominating him for the next Darwin Awards. What next? Does he harpoon himself next time he gets toothache or jump off a building to cure his fear of heights? Good grief!
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Great footage, but if I was Jon Singleton I wouldn't want to advertise that a) I undertake other motorway users, or b) quite blatantly use my mobile while I'm driving. Give that man three points! I'll get my hi-vis jacket...
Dave-o, London, England

Re: "Sodcasters and Sally's letter (Wednesday's Letters) - for anyone keeping a record of such things, I would like to confirm my recently updated "Top 2 public transport peeves", in reverse order: 2. Sodcasters. 1. Am-dram lovies singing show tunes
LC, London

"I am involved with a musical theatre group and find that if we are out en masse we tend to sing show tunes on public transport." (Wednesday's Letters). Another compelling reason not to use public transport.
Alex, Bishop Auckland

Re: Craig (Tuesdays Letters), are you suggesting someone be loosed for that blunder? I'll get my quiver.
Obi, Halifax

Anyone attempting to deride Craig (Tuesday's Letters) for encouraging the correct archery term should remember that the letters page of the Magazine Monitor is the correct forum for unleashing one's pedantry. Craig should be celebrated, and Alan should be ashamed for taking pride in his ignorance.
Duncan, Hove

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