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15:31 UK time, Monday, 13 June 2011

Stories such as "RSPCA Norfolk condemns deliberate duck attacks" should come with a warning. Horrific.
Helen, N

"Why are bars of soap and chocolate getting smaller?" Because we are cleaner and fatter than our forefathers?
Henri, Sidcup

Re: The incredible shrinking shopping baskets - why are soap and chocolate bars getting smaller? I'd rather pay more for the same amount of chocolate. But then I *like* chocolate.
Ian Oliver @BBC News Magazine

According to an anonymous source, known to us only as "Keith", reported in this page: "They didn't manage to get any of our names in the end." Oh, but they possibly did get *some* of them. "Emma Firth, from Farnham, who is eight months pregnant" for example. There can't be many beautiful, pregnant ladies from there with that name. So SW Trains know at least one ex-passenger they can send they policemen after. I wonder if they can request the notes of the BBC web-page writers to find a few others? Or, of course, they could always use clips from the ubiquitous CCTV eyes and request help from Crimewatch viewers. Or they could just be patient and use "stop and search" powers the next time they see you and one of their trains. There is bound to be *something* they can stop you for, and reading and recording the information on the cards in your wallet doesn't take very much effort. Keith, old son, if they care they can know who you are very, very quickly. Your advantage? Most of the time you just aren't worth the effort.
John, England

"President Nicolas Sarkozy visited farmers for the first time since the drought began on Thursday." Wow. What would happen if it doesn't rain for two days?
Carl, Crepy, France

I'm sure I must have missed it, but has nobody said "Knight to see you, to see you knight"?
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

I noticed the rain Su (Friday's Letters), some of it was pouring through the roof into my bedroom this morning.
M. Ross, Lancaster, UK

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