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15:39 UK time, Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Back in my day (okay, so I'm only 24, but still!) they knew in advance when there were mistakes in exam papers. Yes, the mistakes still made it into the final paper, but were preceded by an announcement that "Question whatever should read..." Has proof reading perhaps become the latest victim of the credit crunch? Or perhaps the exam boards are just getting lazy. Nice example to set, either way.
Liz, Poole

"Plaid warning before key meeting". Oh, alright then. Um, will pinstripes be OK?
M Ross, Lancaster, UK

Re: Why do people believe secret cabals rule the world? I am very disappointed. I joined the Freemasons six years ago and am now in one of the world's "top" lodges and I STILL have not been invited to take part in a plot to take over the world. I want my money back!

Why do people believe secret cabals rule the world? Because some people are prone to over analysis?
Gillian Wilson @BBC News Magazine

Phil (Tuesday's Letters), this sounds like a Dr Who episode in the making.
K Morrison, Lowestoft

To Phil, Oxford (Tuesday's Letters), I took that story seriously*. After all, bow ties are cool. (*I'm not actually frightened of cucumbers.)
Danny, Amersham

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