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Your Letters

15:48 UK time, Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Best. Nominative. Determinism. Evah.
Graham, Frome

Dear BBC, if you want us to take the threat of these "killer vegetables" seriously, you are going to have to find a different way of illustrating your stories than a man, in a bow tie, holding up a cucumber.
Phil, Oxford

It's an enterprising and optimistic person who looks at undigested squid vomited up by sperm whales and thinks "hmmm, I bet some people would pay good money to spray that on their necks..."
Sue, UK

Thinking of sending a photo to help a rescue team find you. If you can understand the instructions to send pictures on your phone, it shouldn't be too difficult to learn how to use a map and compass. You're not always guaranteed a mobile signal in the hills and if you don't know where you are, you probably shouldn't have gone there in the first place.
Paul, Ipswich

To Ian, Bristol (Monday's Letters): I think that's what's known as a googly...
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

At last they're using the correct measures!
Tommy Scragend, Wigan

Giraffes come in uniform length (Monday's Letters)? What do they do with the rejects ?
Paul, Ipswich

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