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15:32 UK time, Monday, 6 June 2011

Ah, here's a beautiful, romantic village street, in such a beautiful, romantic sounding place....oh, wait.
Suzanne, Caversfield

Wow! I didn't realise he had assimilated an entire galactic quadrant.
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

I read this headline as "Why ban sprouts?" and I thought "Why not?"
Ruaraidh, Wirral

Re: Why is the term 'chav' still causing rows? Ask Essex.
Ian Friend @BBC News Magazine

Shiz, Cheshire (Friday's Letters) - As many Monitorites will undoubtedly point out, any item of uniform length can be used for comparative measurement (buses, football pitches,... erm, height of a giraffe?)
Nicola, Brighton, UK

Gareth (Friday's Letters), I was very upset not to be a Time Lord, but I am a Companion... if you're anything like Matt Smith can I be your Amy Pond?
The Baroness, Australia

Is there a word for typing a series of letters into a "find" box and then consistently making a typo on the last letter when you're already committed to pressing "send"? No? Ok, I'll get my coar
Ian, Bristol

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