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13:32 UK time, Friday, 24 June 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

It's Glastonbury weekend, it's been raining so cue pictures of Glastonbury fans covered in mud. But the Daily Mail has upped the stakes, on their most read piece with a picture of a "Gran" pushing her way through the welly-clad crowd with a walking frame. It's complete with a reference to "pensioner pop" and is enough proof for the paper that music fans are getting older.

No mud is in sight for some music fans. Just pool parties and now desert landmarks. That 's because, as the LA Times' most popular story claims, Las Vegas has become the electronic dance music capital of the world. The reason behind the location change from Ibiza is the increased popularity of the genre in the US. DJ Kaskade explains: "Now when you turn on the radio you hear JLo and Britney Spears copying the music we've been making for 10 years".

Women's football isn't one you often see in the most popular lists of newspapers so the confession "I would drink every day on my own until I passed out" may explain Kelly Smith's appearance on the Independent's list. Ms Smith, who is on the England Women's team, but also plays for Boston Breakers, says she realised she had a problem in 2004 when she drank her way through her time with a broken leg. She isn't sure she'd call herself an alcoholic and says she has never played drunk. Despite this revelation the piece still manages to squeeze in comparisons to men's football, a recognition that this could be annoying, and confirmation from Ms Smith herself that this is annoying, and then an in depth comparison to male footballer Wayne Rooney, anyway.

Google Doodles are becoming a much sought after sign of recognition. The drawings on the front page of the search engine's website celebrate "all kind of random occasions" says CNN's most popular article. A delightfully obscure anniversary picked out by CNN is the painter Paul Cezanne's 172nd birthday. The rising importance of Google's recognition is shown in complaints that the company didn't recognise Gay Pride month with a sketch.

Finally, a tale of decline playing out in public is Forbes' most popular story. Tom Anderson, the guy who used to automatically add himself as your friend when you signed up to MySpace, hasn't been that attentive on his own page. It points out that the site's co-founder hasn't updated his page since March. Unfortunately, the last update was "What's hot on MySpace". Apparently not much, Forbes retorts. Ouch.


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