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16:15 UK time, Thursday, 9 June 2011

A look at the stories ranking highly on various news sites.

Sports writer David Zirin's column arguing against the hijab ban in women's football is a big hitter on al-Jazeera's website. He reports that the Iranian women's football team were banned from playing their Olympic qualifier against Jordan on Sunday because they were wearing full body tracksuits and hijabs. The team was told they were violating the rule which prohibits bringing religious or political messages onto the pitch. But Zirin suggests the motive behind the move was sexism within Fifa and uses as his evidence Fifa boss Sepp Blatter's suggestion from 2004 that women should wear hotpants to attract more fans.

An explanation of what the doodle on the front page of Google is is the biggest hitter with Telegraph readers. The paper reports one of the inventors of the electric guitar, Les Paul, would have been 96 today. It says the design which is also playable like a guitar if you hover over the strings, is one of the most complex and interactive.

The question "how long will you live" is proving popular with Guardian readers. It turns out to be a map of all the recent data on life expectancies across the UK. So take note if you live in Hartlepool, the Western Isles, Liverpool and Blackburn with Darwen as they share the lowest life expectancies with Greater Glasgow and Clyde which, the article points out, has a shorter life expectancy than Albania.

"Forget Sarah Palin" claims a popular Daily Beast article. "Her 10-year-old daughter Piper is fast eclipsing her mother as the sassiest presence on the 'One Nation" bus tour." Cue videos of scowls, crossed arms and a decidedly non-press friendly attitude.

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