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12:10 UK time, Tuesday, 14 June 2011

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He's stopped stroking the fluffy white cat and is running for the helipad on top of his secret bunker. For the national press, Mark Zuckerberg has morphed from the unstoppable man to a Bond villain whose world domination plan - 1 billion Facebook users - has finally hit the rocks.

"Status update: 'Facebook is losing its friends'" is the headline in the Times. After two consecutive monthly falls in the number of British users, "Facebook fatigue" is setting in according to the Daily Mail.

Forget that Facebook grew 160 per cent in India, overtook Google in the US last year, and has grown to 675 million users worldwide - easily the biggest social networking site in the world. But hidden within the Guardian's piece is the small matter of Facebook being banned in China. The game is up Mr Zuckerberg.

The battle of queens is waged in many of the papers today. Not that sideshow of the tennis but the nation's favourite summer sport - watching the wives and girlfriends' game plan in the players' box.

While Andy Murray played a few ground strokes on court, all eyes were on his girlfriend Kim Sears. The Daily Mail thought she provided a "dramatic display". At times the paper found it hard to watch as she worked her way through a "visible rollercoaster of emotions" that served up laughter, cheers and grimacing. In a thoughtful touch, the paper offered the 23 year-old literature graduate some crucial advice - "remember to breathe".

For the Daily Telegraph, Sears went from "frustration to joy". It's the perfect warm up for her fortnight of trial by camera when Wimbledon begins next week. As long as she remembers to breathe, of course.

The Sun is unable to stop sniffing around the "pert rear" that "wowed millions". In a story headlined "I'm Outta Rear" the paper says that Pippa Middleton, having split from her boyfriend is set to move abroad for overseas adventure. This one will run and run.

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