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Paper Monitor

12:47 UK time, Friday, 10 June 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Many journalists' first task as a cub will have been to assemble a "cuts job", an article not requiring any fresh research, but instead drawing from the archives.

"Get me five inventors who didn't make any money from their inventions," the editor would shout. Then the cub would scuttle off and start riffling through cuttings.

But Paper Monitor has to take its hat off to the Daily Mirror's collection of 90 gaffes to mark the 90th birthday of Prince Philip.

It's a cuts job of epic proportions, the Sistine Chapel of ctrl+c, ctrl+v. Paper Monitor salutes Steve Myall, the man responsible.

The Independent's coverage of the royal consort's 90th birthday obviously comes from a very different angle.

They have wunderkind Johann Hari listing many of the same gaffes as part of a cutting critique of Prince Philip.

But Hari offers an unusual analysis of the instances of verbal faux pas.

"The 'gaffes' that keep being wheeled out suggest a man angry at the position he is trapped in."

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