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14:34 UK time, Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

To the uninitiated, newspapers can seem like a parade of things that are bad. They're usually bad for your health, bad for your pocket or bad for society.

The journalist Martyn Lewis was pilloried a couple of decades ago when it was reported he had suggested there should be more good news on television.

There is no evidence of British newspapers thinking there is anything in this formula.

The Daily Mail is perhaps the doyenne of the bad news purveyors, but its rivals are not far behind.

A quick flick brings up all kind of badness.

Daily Mail: Botox (makes eyes go droopy), mobile phones (cancer), sunscreen advice (not strong enough), Fifa (naughty), manicured gardens (for hedgehogs), Olympic ticket lottery (crazy), energy drinks (fat children), cannabis (teenagers' brains).

The Sun: Fifa (despotic), MPs (lazy), smoking (kills), smoking pregnant woman (shameless), nail varnish remover (killer drugs), hair extensions (bald patches)

Daily Mirror: Sturgeon fish (dangerous slapping), ocean pollution (fish deafness), alcohol (hospital misbehaviour)

The Times: PR firms (hide bad news), care homes (in chaos), Fifa (credibility in tatters), sunscreen advice (wrong)

The Independent: Shale gas drilling (causing earthquakes in Blackpool), tar sands exploitation (ungreen), Gaddafi (taste in décor)

And so on, ad infinitum.

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