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15:25 UK time, Friday, 13 May 2011

Is it really to Mr Law's credit that he repaid all the money "misclaimed", or does it simply show he was wealthy enough to not need the money in the first place? I wouldn't have anywhere near £56k lying around if I were needing to make a similar payment, not even if I looked down the back of the sofa. The expenses system was designed, and is needed in some form, to allow all citizens the potential to afford to work as an MP, rather than just the wealthy. Obviously not the case here.
Ivan, Rayleigh, UK

Re: Sacked train man likened to novel. Come on BBC they weren't bloomers they were "red flannel petticoats"
Nadia Abdul-Sabur, Alexandria, Egypt

I'm guessing today may be filled with letters about Friday the 13th, but was anyone else crossing their fingers that it was a china shop? Also, if anyone is worried about the date, I've been assured I'm making it lucky this year, as it's my 25th birthday. Anyone feel like a pedantic row just for fun? Anyone? I feel like it's the only way to celebrate with my fellow monitorites.
Nadja, Bostonian in Moscow, Russia

Re the fact that Jedward and Blue both got into the Eurovision finals. Can I sincerely wish Jedward all the luck, cos if Blue win, it means we will have to host both the Olympics AND Eurovision in 2012...?
Kay, London, UK

Martin (Thursday's letters), it's not just you. It proves that speed is addictive.
Henri, Sidcup

Graeme of Guildford (Thursday's letters) - Surrey may have many tourist attractions but, unless it has crossed the Thames since I was there last weekend, Hampton Court isn't one of them - it's in Middlesex. If you prefer post-1965 boundaries it is in the London Borough of Richmond, as is Kew Gardens.
Tim, Kingston, Surrey

Surrey IS dull (Thursday's letters), otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.
Surrey's other Graeme, Egham, Surrey

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