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17:51 UK time, Monday, 9 May 2011

Modern democracy - no more tossing a coin, now it is picking a cable tie. That's progress!
Susan, Newcastle

My statistical survey concludes that, half the population drinks tea, the other half complicated-coffee. Many thanks to all who replied (Friday's letters)
Graham, Hayle, Cornwall

Jo (Friday's letters), you're a mile off. Carey's using 300 KILOcalories, enough to boil just under half a litre of water from cold. Should be enough for a couple of cups of tea...
Sharon Cutworth, King's Lynn

Re: 10 things - I cannot be the only person who remembers "Philtrum, it's called the philtrum" (number two) being prominent in an early BT internet ad.
Ralph, Cumbria

"Left-handed people are more fearful than right-handers." (10 Things, Friday). I'm not convinced: if it were so, then our distant left-handed ancestors would have been more likely to run away from danger, which would mean that they would be more likely to survive. In which case, surely left-handers would be more prevalent than they are today?
Rob, London, UK

There isn't a word for it, so, please monitorites don't even try: it's just temporary non-specific sadness. You could be spared though - don't read Magazines's "Star School" article, absolutely do not follow the instructions to "Go and look at your old school's Wikipedia page" and definitely don't look at the Alumni section. There are four people from MY YEAR on my old schools' Alumni list. This can't be right - Alumni are famous people who did things during or after the war. Not people from my year! I was always going to do stuff - I just got side tracked reading the BBC website and stuff. Anyway, one of them is a journalist for the Independent - since when did that qualify for Alumni status? Darn...
Richard Martin, Doncaster, UK

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