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14:07 UK time, Monday, 2 May 2011

Having just returned from a holiday in Cornwall, I'm looking for two new words. One to describe the desolation felt when having fought your way past all of the lorries and caravans to get clear road in front of you only for your three-year-old to say: "Daddy, I need a wee." The second word is for the smug satisfaction that the day after you leave the place you just left has rain and the place you are returning to has sunshine.
MCK, Stevenage

I see the new Royal Couple are delaying their honeymoon a little because the gentleman's work has got in the way.
So, me and my good lady wife are not alone in doing this. I do hope, though, that the nice Mr and Mrs Kate don't wait so long as us. So far, we've delayed our honeymoon for over 30 years.
I *plan* to take my lovely bride away for a couple of weeks to a special, exotic place - I just have never managed to actually *do* it.
Beloved, if you're reading this, thank you for your patience.
John, England

Re: image 18 here, is this a new style of "plain clothes" ?
Paul Greggor, London

Just to clarify, and help people understand this article, 120 miles of bunting is approximately 19,354 London buses. As for the length of Catherine's train, well, it's about one third of a London bus.
I'm afraid I can only begin to speculate how many cups of tea were brewed with a 2400MW power surge!
Ross, Norwich

So, as well as doing his Comedy Roadshow, sell-out tour and Britain's Got Talent; Michael McIntyre is also chairman of the European Herbal and Traditionall Medicines Practitioners Association? He does get around a bit!
Basil Long, Nottingham

First to comment on a article AND the hope of getting a letter published in the Magazine! What better way to start your week?
Dorian, near Salerno

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