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17:17 UK time, Thursday, 5 May 2011

Is Paper Monitor a scaredy cat?
Claire, Nottingham
Paper Monitor note: Yes.

Two signs:

The next time someone whines "It's health & safety gone ma-a-d!", just point them to the footage in Construction cliff work 'not for the faint-hearted'. Fee Lock, Hastings, East Sussex

Monitor note: Ah, a chance to revisit our favourite reader photo!

Why is bowls, the quintessentially British sport under threat? Because not enough people are moving in to the sport once they give up their old pursuits.
Chris King @bbc_magazine

Why is Tesco struggling in the US? The name! to me "fresh and easy" sounds like a derogatory way of talking about a girl.
Laura Panda @BBC News Magazine

Less like the name of a grocery store and more like the slogan of an escort service.
Cole, Arlington, VA, US

Because it's a different market and they're applying a business model that works here. The US has had huge supermarkets with low prices open 24/7 for decades, so it will take more than slogans to get noticed.
Gordon Stewardson @BBC News Magazine

It's simple. With the fanfare before the openings, we were looking forward to British items on sale, but they pretty much have the same American stuff as every other local store. Big let down. Having shopped in Tesco stores in Britain, I was hoping to find pork pies, sausage rolls, steak and kidney pies, Linda McCartney's vegetarian sausages, jam doughnuts and a selection of your wonderful biscuits. Give us what we want - a British chain selling British goods.
Kit, Sierra Madre, California

What's all this about cups of tea and megawatts (Wednesday letters)? I can burn at least 300 calories on the cross-trainer - what do you think about that?
Carey, Surrey

In defence of my own comments, I am sorry to have sparked such debate amongst Monitorites. I'd like to extend my thanks to Michael and Phil (Wednesday letters) for sticking with me. If you're ever near Norwich, pop in and have one on me (a cuppa, that is). I should add that, being a student with exams fast approaching, I am currently only capable of quantifying everything in cups of tea and London buses. Today, I've managed five cups' worth of revision - is that good?
Ross, Norwich

I've never seen a Star Wars film either (Wednesday letters). Why do some people find that odd?
Kevin, Douglas, IoM

Don't rush. Some hammy acting and a ropey script mean it really doesn't live up to expectations when you are a grown adult. And, yes, I know this will start a row...
Aine, Stevenage

Coffee anyone?
Graham, Hayle, Cornwall
Monitor note: Oh Graham, if only you'd asked at about 11am...

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