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10:45 UK time, Friday, 20 May 2011

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Goodbye dear readers, it's been emotional. Tears are welling up in Paper Monitor's eye because this could be the last time we all do this. Don't start, don't start or we'll all be blubbering.

Unless Harold Camping, a former engineer from California, is terribly mistaken, the world pretty much ends tomorrow. For all the details of what might happen go to page 31 of the Times. But to summarise, not many of us will be left when the worst earthquake in history hits the planet. (A colleague of Paper Monitor also did this rather nice explainer on whether earthquakes can be predicted.)

So if Mr Camping is right, what have the papers chosen to fill their pages with for the final time? It's the old favourite - the doppelganger game.

The Daily Express and the Sun keep it very topical with lovechild lookalikes. Boris Becker and daughter Anna - the result of a brief but infamous broom cupboard incident at the London restaurant Nobu - feature prominently. The likeness is spooky.

But the Mirror has a new twist on the much-loved doppelganger game - royal lookalikes. It says Prince William is the spitting image of King Edward I and Princess Beatrice looks like Queen Victoria.

But you have to feel for Harry, his regal doppelganger is Princess Victoria, who became Queen Mary. It's all to do with the red hair, not the fine, feminine features and dress. Still, can't imagine the prince's friends are going to let this pass without some ribbing.

But the harshest/bravest celebrity doppelganger of the day is courtesy of the Daily Mail. It compares the canary yellow dress, with feather-like fringe, worn by Naomi Campbell at the Cannes Film Festival to the plumage of Big Bird.

They call it "Sesame Street chic". Steady on, you really don't want to ruffle Campbell's feathers - even if it is your last day on Earth.

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