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16:20 UK time, Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Later, heard in the school playground, one boy to another: Do you, like, like Like, like?
Adrian, London, UK

I have just taken the advice of your excellent article about planking and Googled it. Using Google Images is enlightening. It returned pictures of, well, wooden ships...
Mark, Reading, UK

Re: this story. "Before this project this was just a specimen lying in the drawer." Uh, what is it now?
MF, London

Re: Paper Monitor on Princess Beatrice's royal wedding hat. And it has a practical side if worn to a picnic for a ping-pong-ball toss.
Candace, New Jersey, US

In reference to: Is it fair to fine fat people for not dieting? No. It isn't. If your doctor advises you to lose weight, it is merely that. Advice. It cannot ever be fair to penalise or impose a fine on someone merely for not following advice. Incentives can be given to those who follow the advice.
Andrew, Newark

Sorry, Alexa (Monday's letters), but you shouldn't rely on Google, nor indeed postal addresses. Maps show the county boundary as following the river. The Post Office gives Hampton Court's "Post Town" as East Molesey, which is indeed in Surrey, but if you cross the bridge from Hampton Court to East Molesey itself you encounter signs saying "Welcome to Surrey". Just to confuse people even more, Hampton Court Railway station is actually in East Molesey.
Tim, Surrey

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