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13:45 UK time, Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tall, dark and handsome - Paper Monitor has long wondered why the tall was so important. The Daily Mail provides one answer According to researchers, women's preference for lofty men is down to their perceived fighting ability.

In evolutionary terms, tall men are apparently more useful because they can pack a more powerful downward punch than shorter men. Women, it seems, have preferred mates that can offer the best protection.

If you're not tall but grumpy - then it's not all bad news. The Daily Telegraph reports that people who are happy-go-lucky are likely to die younger than their more gloomy counterparts.

Scientist believe children who were rated "highly cheerful" at school were more likely to be carefree and take greater risks than their more reserved class mates in later life.

The newspapers love nothing better than a bizarre animal story - it gives them a chance to have fun with the headlines. The tale of the man who tried to board a train in Wrexham, North Wales, prompted a bumper crop. The Daily Mail asks "What do you think this is, the pony express?", while the Mirror's "Away neigh" comment asks whether the man thought he was in a "one-horse town" after being forced to leave the horse behind.

Cantering along to the Daily Star, underneath the headline "Moby diction" is the discovery by scientists that sperm whales "talk" with regional accents, and can be identified by the sound of their clicks.

No doubt Paper Monitor won't be the first to make the "clique clicks" pun.

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