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17:41 UK time, Wednesday, 27 April 2011

With all due respect to stenographers, I think most of us could type "GBH" faster than "T K P WR A R PL" - Grievous Bodily Harm.
Henri, Sidcup

"Money grubbers"? *Groan*
Rob Orme, Winsford, Cheshire

Re Casio watches caption: "The F-91W is used in bomb-making." Short, authoritative, unexplained and mysterious. But I'm sure Mr Gould would not approve of such publicity.
Maham Farhat, London

There are some stories that I'm glad don't show any nominative determinism.
Jinja, Edinburgh

Thanks to the conjunction of the stories about the Easter Bunny and the man in Kent dressed as a Ninja, I now have an image of a pink rabbit dressed in black ninja clothing attempting to spread happiness through law enforcement.

With a rustle of fur he hops through the quiet Kentish towns, bringing joy though law, order and small chocolate eggs.
Lewis Graham, Hitchin

Anna Lowenstein (Tuesday's letters) - forgiveness is always desirable because unforgiveness hurts only one person - the one who can't and won't forgive. As for the idea that forgiving too quickly suggests that what was done didn't matter, well we have courts to decide whether or not what was done did matter and to punish accordingly. Forgiveness is the best way forward.
John Airey, Peterborough, UK

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