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15:36 UK time, Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Re: Why do we believe in good and bad luck? "Luck" exists. It's any event which affects you but is beyond your control (even if some other person influences it). Good luck is such an event which is advantageous to you, bad luck the obvious opposite.
Duncan Corps @BBC News Magazine

Why do we believe in good and bad luck? Same reason people believe in a deity. Unable to appreciate the nature of the coincidence.
Shetland James @BBC News Magazine

Could we arrange for the artist who created the "impression" for this article to have some counting lessons?
Toby Speight, Scotland

"[Mr Medland] worked - for free - for Mr Clegg for three months in 2007 when he was Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman." I knew the parties didn't like paying people, but not even paying your home affairs spokesman is surely taking it too far.
Edward Green, London, UK

Despite the general statistical tone of this article, I do know that the University of York economics Professor's sons haven't had too much trouble finding success. Come on, one of us had to say it.
MK, Stockport

What's wrong with getting sprayed with water?
Basil Long, Nottingham

At last I have access to the Magazine! Thanks to a new over sensitive filter at work I have been missing my daily dose. Alas, my procrastination must now happen at home.
Heather, Jersey

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